st augustine charter boat

“Yacht Of Fun”

is simply that, a lot of fun, and is the most affordable Charter Boat in St. Augustine or Palatka, Florida! It is the creation of Captain Mike Fitzpatrick, his wife Janie and their Step Dad Bill Ryan to provide you, your family and friends of  
all ages
an opportunity to spend a day on a boat with a Captain doing whatever you want to do!

St. Augustine Charter Boat

Plan a day your way! First decide
if you want to leave from St. Augustine to go out on our beautiful Intracoastal Waterway (salt water) or from Palatka to enjoy the scenic beauty of the St. Johns River (fresh water). Then you let Mike know what hours of the day between dawn to dusk you would like to be out on the boat. There will be no clock to watch because there is no time limit.  As long as the sun is up, the day is yours!

St. Augustine Sightseeing

You can cruise and sightsee, anchor to swim, play on the sand bars or beaches, fish for many different kinds of fish, bring your own picnic or enjoy dining at one of many waterfront restaurants. Since you will have your own private Captain for the day, there is no need to worry who will run the boat.  Your Captain is also your “designated driver” so alcohol will be permitted in moderation for those over the age of 21.  An extra large cooler with lots of ice and water will be provided, but other beverages, snacks and food items will be up to you to bring.

St. Augustine Fishing

“Yacht Of Fun” is a 22 foot “Hurricane FunDeck” party boat with plenty of seating and lots of shade for up to six guests. There are two fishing chairs and a live bait well on the bow. Basic fishing tackle is available, but you are welcome to bring your own if you have it.  The Sirius Satellite Radio system will allow you to enjoy your favorite music or sporting events. Or bring your own “tunes” via ipod, iphone or other compatible music device.
The only agenda is having fun!

st augustine charter boat
boat rental saint augustine

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